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WSN Links makes it easy to create a web directory and provides the tools to improve your search engine rank. Link trading can be encouraged and enforced with the reciprocation options and the link checkers which verify. Custom information can be stored in custom fields. Any number of files can be attached to a link, and thumbnail previews are available for images. All output is editable via the templates and language systems, and it’s easy to translate to a new language. You can integrate with almost any MySQL-based member system or use the built-in one. Includes pagerank, website thumbnails, ratings, visitor reviews, emailing of links, the ability for members to save links, XML-based bulk submissions, and so on. The caching system helps you keep the load down on high traffic sites. The switches page makes it easy to turn off the options you don’t need, so that you don’t get overwhealmed
“Fantastic! This script can do just about anything! Paul is very serious about updates, security and improvements. I will buy again and recommend heartily.”
“WSN designed and customized my article directory site script several years ago. I am not one of his big business customers, but he treats me as if I were a million dollar business. When I need a tweek to the script, he gets to me within a day or less, does the fix quickly and effectively, and charges fairly for his work. I would recommend his scripts and his design work to anyone. His service is exceptional.”
“This was my second purchase from Paul/WSN. As always, he is fast and well after the sale, he is very responsive.”
“I get great SEO scores on the validators. The admin panel even has a separate category for SEO. Rewriting is taken to a fine art in this script, as well as many other SEO techniques.”
“WSN Links is extremely easy to install, maintain and upgrade. Administration is a breeze and with so many configuration options, you really can fine tune your links database so it doesn’t look like every other directory. I’d highly recommend WSN Links to anyone who needs to keep a collection of links and doesn’t want any hassle doing so.”

A powerful, SEO-optimized links directory script, a tool coded in PHP & MySQL that can be used to create a website review and indexing application

While the days of link directory scripts may seem behind us, there are still plenty of advantages of getting the word out there about sites and new links.

There are also some financial gains in running such a site, either from advertising, or from commercial policies regarding link indexing or review opportunities.

For webmasters looking into hosting a link directory once again or for the first time, a complete solution like WSN Links seems a good way to go.

WSN Links is currently available for testing via a free trial, and after 30 days, you can opt for one of the three licenses. The Lite license will provide limited access to some of the backend functions, the Standard license is for running one single WSN Links installation, and the Domain license is for running unlimited WSN Links installations on the same domain.

System requirements

  • PHP 5.1 or higher
  • MySQL 3.2 or higher

WSN Links is an advanced and comprehensive links directory script which provides reliable support and a wide range of features. The application includes a wide variety of options, such as Google pageranks, website thumbshots, reciprocal linking facilities, automated updates automatic link checking, extensive data import options, and many more.

WSN Links can be easily integrated with many other MySQL membership systems in order to enhance and improve your already existing community. The application offers extended functionality and increased flexibility, allowing you to create any type of directory.

By using this tool you will be able to make your business grow and better monetize your web directory.


  • Provides reliable support and a wide range of features.
  • Offers extended functionality and increased flexibility


  • Requires some basic PHP knowledge and skills.

WSN Links makes it easy to create a web directory and provides the tools to improve your search engine rank. Link trading can be encouraged and enforced with the reciprocation options and the link checkers which verify. Custom information can be stored in custom fields. Any number of files can be attached to a link. All output is editable via the templates and language systems, and it’s easy to translate to a new language.

In addition to links directories, WSN Links has been used for coupon directories, marketplaces, article directories, recipes and restaurant reviews.

WSN Links is unique because of the complete control it provides through the templates, custom templates, toplists, conditionals, insertfile syntax, fields and tables customization, and thousands of admin options. It provides the flexibility to create exactly what you want, even if that looks and acts nothing like the default appearance/behavior of WSN Links.

Webmasters, web designers or web developers — or anyone with a website or wanting to start a website. Requires having a web host already.



Looking for the best links directory script? First released in 2002 and steadily enhanced ever since, WSN Links is a mature and powerful links directory with proven support you can rely on. It features google pageranks, link checking, reciprocal linking facilities and much more. Multilingual and highly extensible, it offers more than you could imagine in a links directory and the flexibility to make any other sort of directory.

WordPress¬†is one of the most popular content management systems to build websites around, and for good reason. Nonetheless, there comes a time in a website’s life when WordPress alone is not enough and more specialized niche scripts are needed to supplement it. Rudimentary links or gallery plug-ins may not suffice for your purposes, or you want a proper discussion forum. It becomes necessary to install non-WordPress software, but to make it look and behave as a part of WordPress as seemlessly as possible with a minimum of work. This can be a difficult and time consuming process with most scripts, but is very simple when using the WSN suite of PHP scripts.

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